Chandan & Chandan is a proprietary concern of Mr. Mayank Arjundev Chandan and about 15 Associate Advocates. Our Field of Specialization is handling litigation between Landlords and Tenants as well as Licensors and Licensees in Mumbai and in particular, cases filed before the Small Causes Court and the Competent Authority appointed under the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999. We also undertake professional jobs of documentation in respect of transactions of properties, including Conveyances, Leases, Leave and License and redevelopment of properties.

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We have two teams exclusively practicing in Small Causes Court, Mumbai. One team looks after cases in the Head Office at Dhobi Talao in the City and the other team looks after cases in the Bandra Branch of Small Causes Court at Mumbai. Each team is headed by Mr. M. A. Chandan, proprietor and is assisted by an able team of Advocates and staff.



He has passed B.Com. LL.B. He has been practicing law since September 1982.He is responsible for cases in the Head Office as well as at Bandra Branch of Small Causes Court at Mumbai.


What makes your firm different?
In the practice of law, there is no substitute for efficient preparation and team work. The overall responsibility of the cases handled is of the proprietor. We have dedicated associate advocates for specific courts, who handle most of the routine works in litigation. We use technology, which is more than an efficient means of communicating. It has transformed the way informed professionals practice law. From legal research, case management and day-to-day client transactions, to the efficient preparation of cases, we rely on modern technology to quickly deliver quality services. We believe the use of technology benefits our clients as follows:

Communications. Improved communication channels serves as a transparent, but reliable, link between all the staff of our firm and each individual client.

Efficiency. Efficient services through the use of electronic tools and resources.

Quality. Work quality is improved with the application of constantly updated, improved or revised work product, software, and laws.

Information. Instant access to reliable databases for monitoring ever changing laws, trends, opinions, and information in our practice areas. We believe this approach helps us meet our goal of providing each client with quality legal services that are delivered in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

How does the billing process work?
The fees are charged for professional services stage wise. An initial payment is fixed for the first stage of litigation. As litigation is spread over several years, it is not possible to fix professional charges for the entire litigation. Bills/ Invoice/ Quotations for services rendered or to be rendered are generally sent to clients stage wise. Fees are fixed based on experience, expertise, and the complexity of each case. Court fees, stamp duties and other expenses are not included in fees and are usually required to be paid directly by clients.
Who will oversee my case?
All cases remain under the supervision of the Proprietor, who is primarily responsible for client communication, establishing case strategies, managing the delivery of legal services and litigation. Since he delegates other specific tasks to skilled members of the firm, he encourages a close working relationship between himself, clients, designated Associate advocate and staff.